The game of purgatory

Title:The game of purgatory

Author:Knowledge and action

Description:The quiet world was broken overnight, and the world was full of blood. No matter how noble your status is, this moment is a struggle on the road of purgatory. With the memory of the last year, ye Xuan returned to the moment before the outbreak of the last. One step ahead, step by step ahead, rare equipment, advanced skills, special copy,Order to build a gang, order to build a city All this is in hand. When other people are arguing over a piece of equipment, ye Xuan already has a full set of equipment. When others are repeatedly trying to get through the first copy, ye Xuan’s name is already on the first list This last time, he is destined to be extraordinary! (PS: ifPlease don’t forget to click “join bookshelf” if you think this book is OK. If you have a recommendation ticket, don’t hesitate to go to: / / / longten

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