The fourth apple

Title:The fourth apple

Author:Ancestral waist

Description:Marvel, a world of: / / / longtengx. There are many superheroes in this time and space! Captain America, iron man, Hulk, Ray: / / / longtengx., X-Men, etc. But is there no superhero in China? If so, why notNow? Here: / /. Longtengx. Shield and Fulian are no longer the only superhero organizations. In the East: / /. Longtengx. The secret “sword bureau” and “Weier team” are also protecting the planet. It’s a story about the superheroes of the East and the West. It’s hereRen will become comrades in arms with Captain America, will meet China’s earliest superhero League, he will rescue the black widow who defected from the Soviet Union and was hunted down, and he will meet “Logan”

Author: miven

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