The first shuttle in history

Title:The first shuttle in history

Author:Bai Siwen

Description:”Report to captain! The exploration of cb1o8 intermediate martial arts level has been completed! ” “Please call me the chief!” “Good captain!” What do you do when you gain the ability to cross the imaginary plane at will? Fame, wealth, power, longevity! These are no longer important! “I want to knowThe man of all truth in the world A person’s strength is very small, in order to achieve this goal, Wei Ran shuttles through all kinds of world, looking for ideal teammates! “Tony Stark, it’s a talent. Take it! Big snake pill, and my ideal is very similar, join my scientific research department! Hong Jun! I wipe. I’m going《”Gobble up the stars” adventure, you come or not This is the story of an ordinary person who became the first shuttle in history because of an unexpected crossing!

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