The first Jester of Ming Dynasty

Title:The first Jester of Ming Dynasty

Author:Yan Ji Nan

Description:In the summer of the fourteenth year of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Chenhao, king of Ning, launched a rebellion In that year, Emperor Zhengde was still playing; in that year, Zhu Youmin was still Zhu Houmin’s undisputed father; in that year, Yang Tinghe, the elder of the three dynasties, was still very strong; in that year, Wang Shouren was busy; in that year, Yan Song fled back to his hometown when he passed the edict;In that year, Zhang Cong was still sighing and sighing; in that year, Wang Zhi and Xu Hai were not pirates; in that year, eunuchs still had a good life; in that year, the royal guards were still a group of pugs in the East Hall; in that year, the little prince of Mongolia was still robbing at the border of Daming; in that year, Magellan began to travel around the world; in that year, the prince of Mongolia was still robbing at the border of DamingIn 1930, the great names of the Japanese nation were preparing to fight with each other. That year, there were no Japanese pirates That year, a guy who was photographed with a black brick woke up, and Daming lost a disaster,

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