The fate of Star Trek

Title:The fate of Star Trek

Author:Chrysalis chrysalis

Description:In 2335, the earth was facing a doomsday crisis. Therefore, in desperation, human beings flew to the starry sky and embarked on the journey of Star Trek The wars and disputes among the interstellar civilizations, the intrigues among the races, the bloody cruelty of the interstellar predators, and the sinister greed of the evil forces And for the backward civilization of mankindHow can their fate make them happy? What kind of difficulties and obstacles do they have to go through, and what kind of crisis and hopelessness do they have to face? Where do they end up? The alien Lori, the strange looking and different interstellar civilization races, the interstellar empires of different sizes and strengths, the different shapes and destructive powerThe horror of the star wars, the twists and turns of the strange, unexpected fate, the grand scene, earth shaking Star Wars It’s all in Star Trek. Please follow me

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