The fall of Fengshen

Title:The fall of Fengshen

Author:Boundary river expectation

Description:Punishing the evil and promoting the good are the stars of the fall, and the people cultivate themselves all over the country. Yuxu palace is the biggest power of the fallen star. The protagonist takes cultivating merits and bringing benefits to all living beings as his duty. Theme: Fantasy cultivation style: Blood struggle, pursuit of true love, creation and achievement of the new world theme: protect all creatures, create a new order, maintain the balance of the Six WorldsHeart thought: flowers bloom on both sides, human nature between Buddha and devil. Floating life, if arrogant, how can you live in peace. One thought becomes Buddha, one thought becomes devil. Reincarnation obtains the golden finger III rotating treasure, defends the first world, and creates a new harmonious model of the three worlds.

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