The fake prophet of rebirth

Title:The fake prophet of rebirth

Author:Arrogant northeast girl

Description:Rebirth! Three years old! Niuniu feels trapped… Please live the mean grandmother, keep the sad mother, Niuniu breath,… The family is finally complete.. School, independence, it’s time to beat the reputation out! Have a computer, everything is good, regardless of it Wenchuan earthquake, or Indonesia tsunami, NiuAll girls can predict! ~Having an affair? Cheating? Childhood regret? Gas small 3, destroy small 4, Niu Niu never wrong! ~Let’s see how arrogant Niuniu, with her information advantage of 25 years ahead of the world, overthrows all the sad memories of the last life, and walks out of a wonderful life different from the rest of the rebirth comrades!~QQ friends group has been built, 215792456 PS: female owners are arrogant and unreasonable, don’t like hypocritical respect for the old and love the young, don’t like to enter

Author: miven

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