The extinct God killer

Title:The extinct God killer

Author:Black and red wings

Description:In the middle of the 21st century, the sudden emergence of the viral parasite “blood shadow creature” has made human beings lose 98% of their population and 83% of their territory in just one year, and they are forced to hide in the black border made up of hundreds of black boulders. The surviving humans are desperateThey live in humiliation and hatred. In 2065, 14 years after the end of that special world war, a secret mission of the government broke the part-time armed Scout (far): Zhang Mufeng, a high school student living in Jiangsu Suzhou District, and his working partner, Laurie: Bai feicui, 12 years oldIt’s a normal day. The content of the task is to prevent the other party from calling out the ultimate blood shadow creature that can destroy the world. In order to defeat the powerful other party,

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