The ex-wife is poisonous

Title:The ex-wife is poisonous

Author:Meow Hall

Description:After a year of marriage, she was hoodwinked until the day of divorce. When the child was born, she was sullied. Her husband didn’t want her, and her mother didn’t recognize her. He was even more overbearing and committed marital rape. “Huo Chenxiang, you should be as honest as your body!” I’ll see you four years later, and he finds himself completely wrong. She is poorA little drowning, he panics; her daughter is caught, he helps; she is killed, he blocks. She mutilated her left hand and asked her sister, “I love him, and you?” Her wedding ceremony, he high-profile with a party army killed, to destroy the marriage of the bridegroom, “Huo Chenxiang, I have, see which man in the South City dare to marry you!”

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