The evil fire corpse in the underworld

Title:The evil fire corpse in the underworld

Author:Drunk in mud

Description:This is a story about Ye Fan, who is a new Taoist who kills demons and demons. When Qinglian was young, her family was killed by a cat demon, and Ye Fan’s housekeeper took her in. However, because ye fan couldn’t get revenge for herself as soon as possible, Qinglian took refuge with a noble son of the demon corpse clan. After Qinglian left, Ye Fan worked hard to cultivate,Ye Fan moved to the magic city and formally accepted the inheritance of the underworld. Ye Fan transfers to Xingluo high school, but unexpectedly finds a woman who looks like Qinglian. While ye fan is busy with his job of killing demons and demons, he is busy pursuing this woman who looks like Qinglian. But, this woman is corpse demon, oneself number one cuts to killTarget: corpse demon. Ye Fan was confused for a time. In a mission, he seriously injured his spirit pulse. Seeing that Ye Fan’s life was about to end, the woman stole the family’s holy corpse Jindan to save Ye Fan

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