The eternal legend of infinity

Title:The eternal legend of infinity

Author:Night clothes man

Description:Up and down the four said Yu, ancient and modern said Zhou. The universe is the general name of all things in heaven and earth. Do not hide the operation of the stars, and do not let the reincarnation of life go beyond it. The vast starry sky is boundless. Different forms of life, life and death, in this mysterious world of reincarnation, how many civilization secrets hidden in the endless starry sky. NoneThe destruction and rebirth of several civilizations seems to be controlled by someone in the dark. In reality, LAN Yeyun, a third rate college student who is crazy about Xiuzhen, inadvertently gets a mysterious pearl and enters the reincarnation space, becoming one of many reincarnation walkers. In order to survive, he was forced to enter one crisis after anotherThe world of terror is struggling to survive. Misty strange evil, the disaster of wild boa, Gan 19mei, dead space, star legend,

Author: miven

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