The era of great cultivation

Title:The era of great cultivation

Author:Little wolf

Description:On that day, Wu can read the fantasy novels in bed all night. When I wake up in the morning, I suddenly find that the outside world has changed. The once familiar modern science and Technology Society of the 21st century has become an era of practicing martial arts for all My parents were at home before they went to work in the Archives Department of the county Martial Arts AssociationSitting on the sofa in the living room, practicing meditation with folded knees My younger sister got up early and practiced the 19th set of martial arts enlightenment exercises for primary school students in the hospital in order to break through the level II martial arts apprenticeship before graduating from primary school Akogo, a neighbor, started his webcast career in recent days. However, what he was broadcasting was released by the global alliance of arms a year agoVirtual online game of duel And he, Wu can, is just a junior high school student with ordinary qualifications in the county. He is facing the cruel situation of the National High School of Wumeng

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