The end of zombie crisis

Title:The end of zombie crisis

Author:In the sky

Description:Mr. lejid, the zombie crisis has broken out. I believe that if we make a list of the problems we need to consider now, we can probably write them down from Xuanwumen to Arc de Triomphe. “Don’t make it so complicated, be concise! Tell me what’s the most important thing now? ” Yes, sir. “Really special goodWell, then tell me where I should go first? ” In the west, it’s more than half the distance between the East and west coasts of the United States. About 0.657. “Yes, it’s much shorter than the length of the form. It seems that my old pair of Jordan shoes is enough. The new shoes I bought last month are probably eaten by zombies on the way.Those starving people, Ho Good luck, Mr. legged. But I suggest you list while you go. That’s not good

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