The end of time

Title:The end of time

Author:Lies lead to truth

Description:The change of the sky track, the breaking of the four-dimensional seal, the siege of the blood fog, the fall of the alien race, and the beginning of the bloody end — Awakening, delimiting the territory! Come and fight everywhere! Rise, ravage eight wasteland! Yesterday’s, but is; past, as if already! Yes – grovel, survive in the world, survive in the cracksDeposit? Or — rise up to resist, blood recommend Xuanyuan, life and death to seek opportunities? With the general outline of mysterious ancient books, it is easy to repair my sword, cast my armor, and defend my mountains and rivers. Even if all the enemies in the world are enemies, they will live to death, fight again in the world, and sacrifice their blood to the end of the world! Under the blue sky, who is in charge of ups and downs?

Author: miven

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