The end of the future

Title:The end of the future

Author:Peace of God

Description:Time travel was realized in the age of the big bang of technology. The technology mob, the developer of the electromagnetic light wall, soon left behind a secret note: / /. Longtengx. At the same time, the future exploration team, composed of the world’s strongest legions, was originally going to explore the future through a hundred years, but suddenlyTen years later. The expedition found that in this impassable world, the speed of time slowed down sharply, forming an unexplained time vortex. This stagnant world was later called the end of the future. Due to the stagnation of time and the subsequent arrival of time and space, multiple worlds are forced to overlap,The overload population explosion led to unprecedented famine, and the end of the future was shrouded in endless fear. After the expedition returned, the terrible news came out

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