The end of the earth

Title:The end of the earth

Author:Li Ye

Description:The earth is just one of countless planets with life. In addition, there are many powerful planets, such as alien stars, and so on. One day, a meteorite comes to visit the earth with the most domineering and pure organism in the universe. After that, the aliens assimilated the human beings and made the human beings evolve and obtain the best resultsForeign ability, physical and spiritual evolution. But… They are just like walking corpses. After assimilation, they have no human consciousness at all. They have completely become aliens and continue to harm their compatriots. How can humans, once a powerful species, resist? How to resist alien invasion´╝č oh no It’s not aggression! It’s against alien assimilation! The earth is the home of human beings, and now it has been reduced to a colony by aliens, even the extinction of human beings!

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