The end of the abyss

Title:The end of the abyss

Author:The heart of snow

Description:The laws of the earth are changing, the world is dissimilated, zombies are rampant, angels, demons and Demons invade the world one after another! On December 21, 2012, without warning, zombies roamed the whole earth and everything changed! Why is an ordinary mountain village teacher mysteriousWoman, across mountains and rivers, must find him before the end of the day? What kind of secret does a mortal have! Let’s see Xu Le, growing up in setbacks, rising in adversity, looking for the strongest power in ordinary moving. This is a tough struggle in the end, brave struggle, never give up, firm faith in the heartMy story! I set up my own QQ group, group number 5225784o4, welcome to chat in the group! If you think “the end of the abyss” is not bad

Author: miven

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