The end of Jiewei

Title:The end of Jiewei

Author:Hard work

Description:Cheng pangzi gingerly grabbed Wu Zhe’s clothes: “brother Wu, what should I do? I’m just an adult. Should I feed the zombie?” Wu zhe: “if you want to eat meat, you should work obediently. If you want to be meat, you should continue to work here.” Yu Cheng: “brother Wu, in fact, I’m still two days away from becoming an adult. The Japanese dare to use child laborI’ll go back and sue him. ” Wu zhe: “you’d better save yourself. Kill the guy on the other side first. If you want to sue him, you should find a way to live.” Yu Cheng: “brother Wu, I want that girl. You can’t rob me any more.” Wu zhe: “don’t worry, I’ve always been very democratic,Never force… Huh? Cheng Pang Zi, what’s your expression? ” The two brothers succeeded in crossing the border. Let’s see what happened to them

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