The emperor of 1.2 billion armed Maids

Title:The emperor of 1.2 billion armed Maids

Author:Li family success

Description:In order to protect the oldest human culture and civilization. A group of armed maids loyal to the emperor, under the guidance of the new emperor, found the ancient human civilization heritage! They are ecstatic, they are intoxicated! They want to announce to the whole world: they are the ultimate power to protect human civilization! So they got out of the warHelmet, put on the cat’s ear of human nature; take off the robe, put on the bikini with immortal light; take off the boots, put on the silk stockings of the ancient people singing great and: / / / longtengx! The civilization of mankind is shining on them, and the heritage of ancient mankind is showing on themIt’s like this: / /. Longtengx. The whole universe cheered and the whole human world worshipped the Emperor “I shouldn’t have commented on the (Beep) station

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