The dream of biochemical crisis

Title:The dream of biochemical crisis

Author:Ordinary people 01

Description:This is my new novel, / / / longtengx. Pin, a dream of biochemical crisis, originally called “the past of raccoon town of biochemical crisis”, which may be quite different from many similar subjects on the Internet, / / / longtengx. Pin. I want to use a brand new character, angle,Look at or make up the story from the point of view. So I made up Shen Chong, a Chinese. The original characters and places in the story will still appear, including zombies and monsters. But they have been rearranged by me, and some new people and stories have been added. I hope I can finish it. Special note:The content and conception of this book come from the real and real world. “Raccoon town” and “acre Forest Park” and other “locations” and “characters” in the book

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