The dispute of mirage

Title:The dispute of mirage

Author:Yu Fei

Description:Fifteen years after the Asian American war, the former center of the East, the Empire of Yaning, has been in vain.: / / / longtengx. As a defeated country, it has been reduced to the colony of the western great power Medusa. The prosperity of the past is like a mirage. Most of the indigenous people in Yaning are struggling at the bottom of the societyDay. The humble social status and economic embarrassment directly led to the increasing conflicts between the people of Yanin and the colonial government of medabroso. Hong Yuesheng, a poor boy in Yaning, who lives in a broken and exiled life, was accidentally involved in the armed raid of the anti American organization revival Association, and his life trajectory began to change. CruelWar, friendship and love, trust and betrayal, bloodbath and tenderness are all staged under the historical curtain.

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