The devil system of infinite legend

Title:The devil system of infinite legend

Author:Autumn feathers fall at dusk

Description:The tenet of demon king system: to become an excellent demon king, we should not only successfully publicize the will of the demon king, but also have an oath to fight with the brave until the last drop of blood is left. Of course, the last point is to test whether you are a qualified demon king – pushed down by the brave. He is Li Fan,The first and last demon king of the demon king system with legend. What he wants to do is to create a powerful demon king image, and then let the brave upgrade? Of course no As an excellent devil, not only to be pushed down by the brave, but also to become the heroineFriends, take the Crystal Palace of the brave as your own, this is the bounden duty and obligation of a demon king! Sorry, actually I’m the devil!!!!

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