The development plan of God descendant

Title:The development plan of God descendant

Author:Lan Lan Lan Lan Lan Lan

Description:Mo Shihan, an ordinary young man, got the admission notice from the most famous and mysterious University in the world. The theological college, the students in this college, are actually the descendants of “God”. Finish the task, pass the exam, take part in the activity. You can get credit. And the seminary credits, not only can exchange a lot of goldMoney and props can also open up the potential and power of the gods. Ruyi golden cudgel or sword of victory and contract? Rubber fruit or white eye? To be a God or a devil? Welcome to the seminary. (this book is different from the traditional face slapping. It has a wide range of contents. After all, the author’s brain hole is not taxed)If you think the “Shenyi cultivation plan” is good, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and microblog!

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