The destroyer of film and television

Title:The destroyer of film and television

Author:Black cats are not afraid of black

Description:Saladin: the Oriental is very sincere, but the things he sells are more expensive. In other words, when will the siege cannon I ordered arrive? My siege troops are hungry and thirsty. Oh no, they are full of fighting spirit. BigBoss: you said the conditions are no problem, quickly help me find quiet, as long as you find back, DAnddog can be packed and sent to you! Tony Stark: this man should go to court. Oh no, the Senate should try him. He, he actually made better armor than me Bruce Wayne: I thought there was only a clown in the world. I didn’t know until he put me in this lunatic asylumUntil what’s really evil. Song Yan: actually, I’m just traveling. Your world is very interesting. I’m just making them more interesting

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