The darkness is infinite

Title:The darkness is infinite

Author:Potatoes on the tree

Description:Set foot on the road of the wizard king and become the seventh wizard God in the name of the strongest Destruction King of the legal system! Endless fantasy world (film animation), each world is in accordance with the script unfolded endless reincarnation. Liuke in the diary of death, civilization in the golden land, Wizard of Harry Potter, giant in attackLife in this world is like a doll of fate! In the three million year old golden continent, countless professionals try to conquer all fantasy worlds. The collision of different world civilizations and power systems has created a new era of civilization integration in the golden continent. Three million years later, Yuanxiao came out of the underground ice, and hisThere is only one goal, to stand on the peak of the golden continent, to become the king of professionals, to conquer all the plane world, to control the power of destiny, and to become the strongest “Wizard”!

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