The darkest moon

Title:The darkest moon

Author:A scholar

Description:It has exactly the same environment as the earth where we live now, but with better ecology and more advanced technology. It was called the earth by the people there. After the particle collision acceleration experiment, there were too many impossibilities. In just 130 years, it entered the deeper space with science and technologyDepartment. However, due to the fault of an officer, there was an error in the planetary traction, resulting in a planetary debris impact on the earth Although we tried our best to defend it, we still suffered a lot. The life of science and technology has regressed for nearly 100 years. Knowledge has left about 10% of the achievements in science and technology, which is of no help to the governmentAs a result, each regime began to appear separately. The big powers did not have a large-scale war, but they continued to attack each other secretly. But it’s still going on

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