The dark millennium of Warhammer

Title:The dark millennium of Warhammer

Author:Trying to update

Description:——”Sir yiershan, it is well known that among the many listed psychics in the Empire, you are the one with the highest achievement and glory. What is the reason for your struggle and success?” ——”Well, I think it has something to do with my love of reading. When I was young, I loved biographies of imperial heroes, likeIt’s political commissar Gunter, political commissar jarek, political commissar Heathcliff Kane and other heroes of the older generation. ” ——”Are you inspired by the brilliant achievements of those heroes?” ——”No, it’s the price of those books. At that time, with my allowance as a junior officer, I could not afford to buy so many books. So later I decided to write one myself. ” ************Can’t afford to buy chess pieces, can’t understand foreign language, can find the official

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