The cultivation of time and space dominating

Title:The cultivation of time and space dominating

Author:Hanmen Xiaomo

Description:Wang Feng, as an online game maker, / / / longtengx. People, but in the market before the doomsday disaster. The soul goes through the parallel world after a thousand years. After crossing, the master of time and space develops the talent of recognizing the master and playing with dimensional space! I thought I could play games, tease secrets, and sometimes pretend to be a force.I didn’t expect that I would go to the doomsday appointment with my partners just after I went to university to save the world before it was destroyed. Let’s see how Wang Feng swam between the parallel worlds, reversing time and space, saving the future, controlling the six samsara, and reconstructing the order of time and space! The stars are misty, the years end, the road is endless, the sword rises to the skyLife beacon fire make song spread six samsara empty

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