The crown of corpse blood

Title:The crown of corpse blood

Author:Red haired Wolf

Description:Maybe God is dead. The end of the world has come without warning. I don’t know when this land has been completely stained with blood. Radiation, viruses, blood, cruelty. With the coming of the end of the world, all human civilizations, as well as order, are constantly breaking down. Family? love? friendLove? All this is gradually buried in the dust of the end. Devour? Evolution? Behind this infinite evolution, is it the way to hell or the dawn of mankind? Infected with D virus and turned into a zombie, but with the memory and wisdom of human beings, can Luofeng find a way out in this inhuman endOn this crown of his… Corpse blood?? (you can come here to talk to wolf if you have any suggestions

Author: miven

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