The craze of intelligence

Title:The craze of intelligence

Author:Pajama boy

Description:After the development of the strongest learning AI in history, Zhao fan’s robot Corps spread like a virus in every corner of the universe. In the face of this self replicating undead army, all the major forces in the universe are dumbfounded. Holy Galactic Empire: “it’s not that the warriors of the Empire are not brave, but the enemy is too abnormal!ā€¯Earth Federation: “I didn’t expect that the great earth federation would perish because of an artificial intelligence!” Business consortium: “God, our army of robots has been taken over by the AI of the enemy!” Freedom League: “well, do you think it’s too late for us to surrender now?” Alien: how are weIt’s like provoking the wrong guy… ” (soft science fiction, please don’t be serious, don’t spray if you don’t like it, please support if you have love)

Author: miven

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