The counter attack of doomsday earth

Title:The counter attack of doomsday earth

Author:Ice 37

Description:Give birth to me, raise my home star! My ease will exhaust all I have to take you to the top of the universe. Anyone who stands in my way, are you ready to be a stepping stone? Friends who have fought together, I will always remember you in my heart, I will take your share, fight till the end of time, until the end of lifeThe end of life. Cowardice, timidity, retreat, I have had, I was just a sudden gain of strength of ordinary people, but please believe me, my oath, I will achieve. Suddenly one day, the earth has a mutation, Zerg, orcs, elves, giants, gods and Demons continue to come in an attempt to destroy the earth, brother quasiAre you ready? Let’s support the counter attack of the earth together.

Author: miven

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