The confessions of Mary Melrose

Title:The confessions of Mary Melrose

Author:1 tone

Description:Gemini mirror, love is a double-edged sword, hate reflects the ugly heart, the shadow of the devil. You ge in the city of empty lonely men and women, can not cover up the extreme lack of the spiritual world, it is a desolate blank, faith that is a luxury, it can not be expected, but always likeThe shadow is always with us Rosemary’s fallen flower of death, when it is in full bloom, is someone who wants to put into its arms, no one knows how happy, how pure and lovely it used to be, no one knows how heartbroken and intoxicating it represents Fall intoThat bottomless abyss! Only death can wash away your sin, God will forgive you, come on That low voice of bewitching, dark call, death has come

Author: miven

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