The colonial rule of doomsday

Title:The colonial rule of doomsday

Author:Colorful stone 0

Description:An unknown spaceship, an unknown civilization, suddenly comes like a ghost. No one knows whether it will be destroyed or reborn, and no one cares. Despair and expectation are intertwined together. The loss of law, the distortion of human nature and the reincarnation of the last bottom line of morality are staged. They compose the song of the feast of doomsday together! Zombie classificationScore from low to high: ordinary zombie, primary evolution zombie, intermediate evolution zombie, advanced evolution zombie, complete zombie, research zombie. The enhanced human level is divided from low to high: physical strength, gene strength, Galaxy strength, interstellar strength, void controller, saint, cosmic source, and each level is further dividedIt can be divided into three stages: primary stage, middle stage and high stage

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