The code of the lost world

Title:The code of the lost world

Author:Three idle moon shadows

Description:An unknown ancient hieroglyph, with a hidden code for the future, appeared in a rescue archaeological excavation 30 years ago. Who is the owner of an ancient tomb higher than the rank of a marquis? What’s behind this? The flashings of ancient civilization fragments, also true and illusory experiences and experiences, want toWhere do we lead? The great mysteries left over by thousands of years are unfolded layer upon layer. The annihilated history is gradually revealed, but the truth becomes more blurred and terrible. You can’t guess the suspense is only the surface, human nature is the eternal theme. The end of seeking is the starting point of destiny, the return of goodness or the indulgence of human desireYou and I are doomed to two kinds of rebirth.   ————————————–

Author: miven

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