The code of interstellar Immortals

Title:The code of interstellar Immortals


Description:Because of the special constitution of the soul container, ye Nuan, who has a hard life, meets fierce ghosts from time to time. Of course, she is devoured by the law of immortality. Only three ghosts stay and grow up with Ye Nuan, which makes her erudite (nervous), shy (facial paralysis) and unable to engage in ordinary industry. Fortunately for herSkeleton strange (no), finally got a semi immortal qualification certificate, in a treasure sell Fu for a living. When I’m free, I go to dig graves in the wasteland. I’m not comfortable. But one second before, she was still engraving the anti three sons Rune for the buyer in her kennel. The next second, the three ghosts were all dead. In grief, she crossed the plane and became a star WuerLord Piao. Ye Nuan: (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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