The code name of the passage for the dead is mosali

Title:The code name of the passage for the dead is mosali

Author:Major Alex

Description:This article tells the story of the adventures of major Lin Rui and brother Alex, who were expelled from the US 101 airborne division. Just because I helped my friends destroy their computer data, I learned that my friend Alex, who fled together when I was young, was involved in a group of people in black, and also because of this dangerous eavesdroppingNow I have only two choices – participation and execution. I know it will lead to a series of adventures. But what happened afterwards, everything was unexpected, far more dangerous than I could express. In order to find out the exact location of mossalir, the men in black army went through life and death, and fought all over RomeBloody battles in waterways, hunting in Ukrainian villages, attacking military bases, and fighting one mysterious organization after another. After gradually revealing the truth of decades of dust

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