The city of black prison

Title:The city of black prison

Author:Mu Hao

Description:Do you want to know where the gods, demons, immortals and Buddhas in ancient legends went? Do you want to know where the splendid magic civilization, the immortal civilization and the Maya technology civilization have disappeared? You want to know the powerful fighting spirit, the martial arts of flying away from the sky, the divine skill of bringing the dead back to life, and the flying sword of taking human level from thousands of miles away. These human beings haveWhat does the power of existence ask and disappear? Yue Feng, a small staff member, is involved in a magical place. It’s like a novel of infinite flow. It makes people experience movies, games and stories time and time again. Is it for the sake of making Yue Feng stronger and stronger that there is no other purpose? This is the placeWhat is the energy provided by? And who left this place where mortals can become human, and what is the significance of its existence? All these problems lie in the city of black prison

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