The case of spirit detection

Title:The case of spirit detection

Author:Buddha’s gift

Description:Perhaps, sun Qianqian is right, all crimes, from the heart! I couldn’t sleep that night for a long time. I have been imagining what will happen at dawn tomorrow. How can I face my colleagues who have worked together for several years and explain to them that my bad mood is as heavy as my own breaking the law.But when I think too much, I feel that people should calm down. Everything can happen in such a big world, just like Changjin, whom I met by fate. After I fell into the sewer and died, Changjin accompanied me on a journey to the yellow spring. In the two cases I participated in after I was transferred to the criminal investigation team of the Public Security Bureau, I had to face some strange thingsAdmittedly, everything that has never been thought of can happen.

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