The call of an alien Emperor

Title:The call of an alien Emperor

Author:Dream 1

Description:Through the world, fortunately, he became the emperor. Unfortunately, the whole country suffered from external troubles. There were ministers inside to oppose him. There were strong enemies around them. It is possible that the throne would not be guaranteed at any time! Fortunately, with the call system, the heroes on the land of China wait for his call! Three Kingdoms white horse silver gun zhaozilong, Shuihu leopard head Lin Chong, Sui and Tang clan://. longtengx. Qin Shubao, a famous scholar in the early Han Dynasty, Chen Ping, Zhang Liang! It’s not so hard for him to win the world! But what’s the matter with this burst watch? Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, Liu Bang, Emperor Taizu of Han Dynasty, Cao Cao, Emperor Taizu of Song Dynasty, and Genghis Khan, a generation of pride on the grassland! But it doesn’t matterWhat? I have a strong general. I’ll fight you Taizu Tianjiao! Established a group of book friends; 471119640, welcome to play

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