The book of subduing demons

Title:The book of subduing demons

Author:Mo Taizhen

Description:A long time ago, disasters and monsters were rampant in Jiuzhou mainland year after year, and the people were in dire straits In order to survive in such a harsh environment, a variety of strange cultivation methods have been developed to kill demons and demons. The country is peaceful and the people are safe. They even have the supernatural power to see the secrets of heaven and live forever Because there are different ways to practiceSimilarly, human beings gradually formed two ways to cultivate the truth: the right way represented by Kunlun school and the evil cult introduced from the western regions! They think that their own practice is orthodox. They hate each other and kill each other! Xiuzhen in the Central Plains fell into the stage of fighting between Zheng and Mo for thousands of years. One survived the warMany years later, when he grew up, he found that the death of his parents and relatives was deeply rooted in his belief

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