The book of ghosts

Title:The book of ghosts

Author:Vita lemon tea

Description:The book of Ghosts: a mysterious and powerful book. The person who obtains this book can obtain the abilities of serving ghosts, distinguishing ghosts, ghost power, attachment, and evocation. Long Daoling: a college student who is about to graduate is born with a pair of yin and Yang eyes. Since childhood, he can see things that ordinary people can’t see. Objects commonly known as ghosts are often entangledAround, the fate of bumpy, since the chance to get a book called ghosts, gain strength, change the fate, become the master of ghosts, command ghosts. This book will show nearly 100 kinds of ghosts among Chinese people, belonging to the Chinese version of ghost night travel! Sina Weibo: Vita lemon tea ghost book wechat subscription number: bgzs15Please add: 236645067:

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