The book of death

Title:The book of death

Author:Fan Disheng

Description:The timid enter by mistake. The book is composed of seven stories: Ghost reading, no umbrella on cloudy day, no light on the lamp, no light on the lamp, dream of flower sea, no ghost story, seizing the master’s position and searching for spirit. Ghost read: persistent in the world of ghosts stay. Don’t take an umbrella on overcast days: the old man said that it didn’t rain. On overcast days, the one who takes an umbrella is a ghost.Heartless lamp: the oil lamp without heart is spontaneous combustion. Dream of flower sea: a wonderful spring dream that leads women to linger and forget to return. Don’t look at the ghost story: do you know? In fact, the things over there are often fantasized by you. Seize the master’s position: you die, why occupy other people’s position. Searching for the way to get the spirit: he is lingzun, the three realmsThey are all obedient

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