The black trend of female match in the last age

Title:The black trend of female match in the last age

Author:Morning in the rain

Description:Zhang Yue had a dream that their world had turned into a cruel and merciless end. She was betrayed by her best friend and abandoned by her boyfriend. So when she woke up, she threw the scum men and women out of the house for the first time, and then prepared to secretly store materials while taking the team to join Dad “The zombie is coming ~ “someone called to Zhang Yue and immediately rolled up his sleeves to prepare for a big fight. Father’s son saw it, frowned lightly, stretched out to pull Zhang Yue’s collar, who was about to rush out, and then carried her back. “No one killed the zombie?” he said? You rush up in such a hurryWhat are you going to do? ” Zhang Yue It’s none of your business! Get out of the way!

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