The best zombie files

Title:The best zombie files

Author:13 days

Description:The first person of all evil! The protagonist “I” turned out to be a zombie! Or an immature Lori Zombie This is a zombie’s first person story about the war between zombies and human beings, the war between zombies and zombies, and the war between human beings after the end of the world It’s the end of the world. Human beings are still with human beingsIs it a war of sorts? Yes, human beings are fighting with themselves all the time! There is no “gel” or “seed” in the story, only full consumption and phagocytosis. Zombie’s recipe: all the blood and meat you can eat The evolution of Zombies: eating the brains of the same species, gaining the power of the same species; eating the hearts of human beings,Get human power However, for a very hungry zombie, after eating the same brain or human heart, it will eat the prey completely

Author: miven

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