The best player in the last World

Title:The best player in the last World


Description:I’m escaping, acting, climbing out of the zombie, fighting with the mutant beast, escaping the ghost’s entanglement with me. Exploding wood is Yin’s relentless pursuit, just for a way to live. This game, I can not stand in line, because, I was defined as: NPC. Along the way, I saved lives and healed injuries. Along the way, I killed people and set fire.Ask me my name? My name is Jiang Li. Ask me good or bad? I tell you: people do not for themselves, heaven and earth, even in reality? Not to mention this cruel fight? Let me tell you again: the reason why human beings live forever is that we never abandon the shackles of emotion. Because this is a cruel fight, we should unite as one.I do what I want to do, do what I can do. Just for survival! If you think “the strongest player in the last world” is not bad, please don’t forget to send it to your QQ group and microblog

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