The best ghost detection system

Title:The best ghost detection system

Author:Qi Jiaojiao

Description:The heaven will send a great responsibility to this person, so we must first light up his master’s skills, and let him feel the ghosts. God: “benefactor, your wife is a ghost!” Feng: “your wife is the ghost!” God: “yo! What a ghost your wife is! It’s very beautiful, it’s very beautiful Feng: “well A ghost is a ghost An extraordinary son must be given firstIts system, let him Cool! God: “benefactor, your daughter-in-law is a system!” Feng: “your daughter-in-law is the system!” God: “Oh! Your daughter-in-law is really a system! Very very exy Feng said, “didn’t you just say my wife is a ghost?” God: “Gee! I didn’t say you had toA wife The floating world is three thousand. It’s better to stir him up and laugh at life.

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