The best fighter

Title:The best fighter

Author:Water and wood

Description:Lu Zhishen is very strong in Liangshan. I used Wu Song’s drunken fist to deal with him. Diyun in Liancheng plane has the aura of leading role. I’m not afraid. I have the halberd method of Lu Bu, the God of war! Street bully’s face, I still beat him with Qiao Feng’s 18 dragon subduing palms! The monkey king on the Dragon Ball plane? I’m afraid the spiral pill of Naruto won’t workI have the system of boxing God. I can travel through all positions of martial arts at will. I can fight with talents and earn points. Every talent is a stepping stone for me to reach the peak of martial arts. If you think “the most powerful boxing God” is not bad, please don’t forget to tweet it to your QQ group and friends on WeiboThank you!

Author: miven

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