The beauty of Anti Japanese War

Title:The beauty of Anti Japanese War


Description:Xue Ru, an ordinary girl in the war of resistance against Japan. She had no time to think why, facing the bloody battle of Songhu, she resolutely picked up the gun and put it into the fight. He became an officer of the national army because of his military achievements. In the battle, I met a group of warm-blooded soldiers and formed a snow fox special team, which is called snow foxFox’s troops grew up in the battle and fought in various anti Japanese battlefields. With deep hatred for the Japanese aggressors, they fought all over the world. Weak arms are a pair of blood hands, beautiful face is revenge of the killing heart. The Japanese called her “blood fox devil” in fear, while the Chinese called her “snow fox general” in the war of resistance against Japan, which created a world-famous womanBeautiful and brave.

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