The battle of the psychic King

Title:The battle of the psychic King

Author:Mysterious Fox

Description:A mysterious organization, training “special forces” of different races; three powerful leaders, launching a life and death battle for “psychic king” Under the mission sent by the leader, the members of the group came to the world of the king of channeling The feeling of being at first sight disrupted all his plans I know Ma Cang is goodThe person he was looking for suddenly seemed to be out of place Because it’s up to you to kill the psychic king. Since you can’t do it, what you have to do is guard it. He is the head of dragons, the Lord of ice and the emperor of Mantou. After many twists and turns, the situation attracted a strong enemyThe sudden attack of the fox demon, the temptation of the fox demon The gene of non “special forces” has a more supreme pedigree; xuanhu, who has been opposed to the top for many years, is actually self-made

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