The battle of the centuries

Title:The battle of the centuries

Author:On Jingyan

Description:The will to inherit from generation to generation, the trend of the times, the consciousness of yuan, and the guidance of rules. At the end of Shenhe civilization and the last moment of the fourth dimension war, the meta universe can no longer maintain the operation of space and explode. All civilizations disappear in the dust of the universe, leaving a thin figure floating in the ancient spaceThe ancient universe, I do not know how many billions of years, lonely and thin figure to meet the birth of the new universe, in order to create more new universe, give more awareness of the meta universe. The thin figure created the generational rules. After a hundred generational rules, the new universe was born, and the meaning of the new meta universe already existedRealizing the crisis, he began to pursue and kill the creatures selected by Yanji rules, which led to the coming of the centuries.

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